Facts about Mañana

Guest Capacity: 50+ Guests

Cabines : N/A

Heads : 2

LOA : 20.8m / 68’3

Beam : 11.8m / 38’9

Draft : 15m / 4’11

Year : 2023

Cruising speed : 9kn

Amenities and Toys :

Sun-beds for 9 guests, Water toys on demand and Complimentary 4m tender

Chase boat :

Upgrade to corporate transfer, Novamarine 2023 R1000 10m and 10 guests capacity

We Offer

Advantages of Mañana

Your Comfort

Our catamaran sails smoothly, with luxurious sunbeds and elegantly set tables.

Your Safety

Our captain and crew are fully certified, with a special training in five star hospitality and sustainability.

Your Experience

We design every sailing trip to ensure they’re different and beautifully unique.

Your Privacy

On board you are among the best company, away from tourists and crowds.

Your Freedom

In the circle of family and friends, you grow close together, because our crew will take care of all the tasks.

Imagining Manana….

Step into a world where imagination meets luxury aboard Mañana, our exquisite yacht that redefines opulence on the high seas. Picture yourself gliding along the azure waters of the French Riviera, the sun casting a golden glow. Mañana is not just a yacht; it’s a canvas for your dreams.

Visualize a gourmet dining experience where the freshest local ingredients are transformed into masterpieces by our talented chefs. Picture yourself savoring each bite, from the delicate brininess of freshly shucked oysters to the rich, smoky flavors of grilled seafood, all perfectly paired with the finest wines and champagne. Imagine  the gentle sea breeze and the distant hum of the coastline.